Principal Words

Once again I have the pleasure of addressing our students, teachers, parents and well-wishers. I welcome each one of you into our precious school.

I am very grateful to God because he has selected me as the Principal of this renowned school. The last academic year was a successful one despite many odds and now it has culminated into a huge success story. Today Hume McHenry Memorial Higher Secondary School is a reputed school in the city of Pune and known for its high standard of education discipline with Christian values.

Hume McHenry Memorial Higher Secondary School was originally called Poona English Elementary School From 1938 till the early seventies. It become affiliated to the ICSE Council in the early 1980's. from being an Elementary school today it has become a Junior College. Our school has been getting 100% results both at the ICSE & ISC level. This is because we have professional teachers in High School who are highly qualified. I am very grateful to these teachers for their dedicated service to this school.

This educational institution is open for all categories of this nation of ours, where rich or poor, high or low, all are welcome. We ensure that we provide quality education to our students. my advice to our children is to strive to do their best and learn to honor their parents and God so that they will be respected and noted for their good deeds. Let the children come to our institution and learn to be a beacon for all and serve humanity and God. God bless you all and our school.