Hume McHenry Memorial Higher Secondary School of SDA was basically started to cater to the educationl needs of the employee's children at Salisbury Park Estate. At that time it was difficult to send children to outside institutions. Therefore on a trial basis a single class of 3 students was started in 1938 which marked the begining of this glorious and historical institution. Over the years it grew up into Elementary school until earlt 1970's. However due to good efforts and sincere service of its men in the field of education, it was upgraded to class Xth, by late 1970's. it was initially affiliated to Secondary School Examinations of the State of Maharashtra and later to the ICSE Board, new Delhi. So far this institution has had 18 principals over a period of 77 years.

General Information

The Hume McHenry Memorial Higher Secondary School is a co-ed English Medium School established in the year 1938. It is operated by Seventh-day adventist Trust Association. Classes From Kindergarten to 12th standred are taught, preparing the candidates for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education & Indian school certificate Examinations, which is an affiliate of the University of Cambridge Local Syndicate. Our school lays emphasis on the development of physical, mental and spiritual powers of the students as this will prepare him / her for this world and also for the world to come.

Admission and Withdrawal

1. Every application for admission should be made to principal by the parent or guardian of the child. Principal reserves right to refuse admission without assigning any reason thereof.
2. Mark list, transfer certificate, Doctor's Certificate and passport size photograph is required of all new students who seek admission to our school.
3. The age for admission to Nursery 3 years, Junior K.G. 4 years, and Senior K.G. 5 years at the time of admission. Normally admissions from Nursery to IVth is given in the month of November for the next academic Year.
4. For Std. I the child should be six years of age before september 30 and have passed Kindergarten.
5. The school will not admit a child without proper Leaving Certificate from the last recoginzed school attended. TC must be counter signed by Education Inspector of the state in which the school is situated, if the state be other than Maharashtra.
6. A parent or guardian of a new student joining from his home or a private school, must produce an official Birth Certificate.
7. All new students must affix a passport size photograph on the application form and submit one copy to the school.
8. A written request for withdrawal of student from school must be given 30 days prior to the actual withdrawal. Parent or an authorized person should given such request directly to the Principal's office.
9. Student seeking admission to Primary and High School Classes must be from English medium schoom only preferrably ICSE school.
10. Students who fail to pay their term fees in time will be charged late fees.
11. Students will be permitted to pay their term fees late only if there is vacancy. No previous claim will be considered for the payment of late term fees such as in the month of June.

School Timing

Nursery - Sr. KG(monday to Friday) : 9.00 am tp 12.00 noon
Std I - XII(monday to Friday)     : 7.30 am tp 1.30 pm


School Uniform

On school days(including birthdays) school functions and picnics, pupils must wear uniform as mentioned below.


Boys : Red Check Shirt and pant with black shoes and Red Socks.
Girls : Red Check frock with black shoes and Red Socks.


Boys : Navy Blue Pant and White Half Sleeve Shirts, Blue Socks and Black shoes. Sports T shirt is compulsory. Buy according to the color of the house.
Girls : Navy Blue Pinafore with White Blouse, Blue Socks and Black Shoes. Sports T shirt is compulsory.

General Information

1. Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon for all school appointments, curricular as well as extra curricular activities.
2. Late comers are not allowed to sit in the class. Habitual late comers are liable to fine and / or dismissal.
3. Leave of absence from school be obtained in advance. In case of unforeseen circumstances the parent or guardian should forward a note to the principal / Headmaster on the same day. In case of illness, on the second day the student attends class.
4. No child, suffering from a contagious disease, is permitted to attent the school. At the time of attending classes the child should produce a certificate from the doctor stating that the child produce free from infection.
5. No child is expected to leave school premises during the working hours without the permission of the principal.
6. If an appointment is made with the Doctor the pupil must not be sent to school on that day.
7. The principal reserves right to refuse leave of absence for festivals. wedding and other ceremonies if he feels appropriate.
8. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the class teacher or until the class is dismissed.
9. Student returning to school late may have their names struck of the school roll.
10. Pupils are absent for more than a fortnight without excuse are liable to have their names struck off the roll. If re-admission is desired, regular admission fees will be charged.
11. Attendance to the PT class and to the Games Period is compulsory since these activities form an integral part of the school curriculum.

Principles of School Discipline

1. Refinement of manners, habits of abedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all times.
2. Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct not only in the school, but also for their general behaviour outside the school.
3. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student for any reported or observed misbehaviour, abusive language, etc. School reserves right to dismiss a student for his / her misconduct or misbehaviour in the school.
4. The principal has authority to inflict such a punishment as he may think necessary or may delegate such powet to any staff member under him. However there is no place for corporal punishment in the school.
5. Carrying dangerous articles to the school might result in the dismissal of the student.
6. Girls are expected to come with hair neatly combed, plaited with blue ribbons. Rubber bands should not be uesd. Hair should not fall over the forehead.
7.Boys must have proper haircut regularly. Failure to obey instructions might result into suspension of the student.
8. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual late coming, lack of interest in school work, disobedience or objectionable more influence justifies dismissal.
9. School property willfully damaged or destroyed by a student will be appropriately compensated. Normally 150% cost will be charged to the concerned student for damages. Repetition of such unlawful activities will result into dismissal.

School Camp

1. The School Camp is a part of an educational programme in the school, where students are given instructions which otherwise will not be imparted in the classrooms.
2. It is conducted for a week in Oct. / Nov. out of poona at a congenial place. All students of Std. VI and above or any other student from lower classes who is seen fit by the principal to attend camp will be permitted.
3. For train fare to and fro, food, bus and other miscellaneous expenses students are normally charged a moderate fee.


1. Peace and order is expected from all students at the school.
2. No student should bring any kind of firecrackers or any dangerous material within the school premises or property.
3. No reading material(other than text books.)should be brought to school.
4. Students are forbidden to give teachers individual or collective presents without the permission of the principal.
5. School is not responsible for books, money, clothes, or other costly articles that are lost. The things are to be looked after by the pupils themselves. it is not advisable for pupils to carry money or valuable things with them or on their body.
6. Smoking, Chewing gum, use of narcotics in any form or kind, beverages including tea or cofee are not allowed inside the school premises.
7. Girls and boys are strictly restricted from wearing any kind, of ornaments whatsoever, in school or for any other scool function.
8. No picnics and Parties should be arranged without the prior permission of the principal.
9. Students are not allowed to remain in their classrooms during recess or games period.
10. The School reserves the right to administer health procedures with the help of corporation at the time of any epidemic.
11. School will remail closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
12. No buisness will be transacted on holidays.
13. Occasional SMS circulars to parents / Students will have the same effect as if printed.
14. The school does not encourage private tutions. Students are not allowed to take tutions from their teachers. No complianints regarding tutions will be entertained if it is a personal arrangement with the teacher. SMS circulars must be checked by parents.
15. Carrying mobile phones to school is strictly prohibited. Any one found carrying mobile phone his / her mobile will be confiscated and returned back only at the end of school year.
16. Electronics wrist watches disturbing the classroom teaching are strictly banned by the school administration. Any such disturbance will result into suspension of the students from the class.
17. The principal has full authority to amend any part of the rules and regulations printed in this prospectus or other rules prataining to the administration as and when necessary.
18. We do not entertain any other person other than chils's own parents when its comes to school matters.
19. Parents having legal matters between each other needs to submit court order to see their child / children during school hours.

Fee Regulations

1. All fees should be paid regularly in advance, not later than tenth of each quarter. Please check bank pay silps regarding late fees.
2. tution fees is charged for 12 months.
3. In case of late admission the fees of the previous monts also must be paid.
4. The delay in the payment of fees renders a pupil liable to be struck off the roll.
5. No pupil is allowed to appear for the examination unless all dues are paid including bus fees.
6. No deductions are made for vacations or periods of broken absence.
7. No leaving certifiacte will be issued until all dues are paid in full. Application for TC must be given one week in advance.
8. Payment of fees must be paid in terms of cash only. No cheques are accepted.
9. Fees including admission once paid will not be refunded. School has no practice of charging deposits.
10. Re-examination is not given to students who fail to take their schedule examination due to non-payment of school fees or due to personal problems.
11. Students who travel by school bus are expected to charges for 12 months and no broken absence is considered for reduction in bus fees.
12. Yearly fees is divided into four quarters besides term fees.
13.You are expected to pay your fees directly into the Bank. You are expected to pay yearly fees in five installments such as April, July, September, December & March. Plese make the payments by 10th of each quarter mentioned above.
(This includes Term Fees, Library fees, Sports fees, Excursion-fees, Miscellaneous fees, Diary, Computer fees, lab fees, Smart class fees, etc. plus the Tution fees for 12 months. Term / Admission fees will be charged separately.)
14. Term fees for the new academic year must be paid in the School office in the last week of May. No claim on admission if you do not clear the fees before due date.

Three language pattern

The government through out India imposes a three - language pattern. If exempted from Marathi, your son / daughter will have to take any other language prescribed by ICSE.


1. The government is pleased to direct that the following categories of pupil should be exempted from the compulsory study of regional language(Marathi).
(i) Children of Government of India servants, provided they are not permanent residents of state and provided they study hindi.
(ii) Children whose parents are only temporary in the state provided they study hindi.
(iii) Children coming from the state where the regional language is not taught.
(iv) Any other pupil whose parents are not resident in the state in which case the State Education Department has sectioned exemption.
2. Exemption under 1 (i) and (ii) above should be granted by the school in which the pupil studying subject to the production of a certificate from the Educational Inspector of the District concerned that the pupil satisfies thr requisite condition laid down therein.

Junior College Science Section

The Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC) has been designed as an examination, through the medium of English, in accordance with the recommendations of the new Education Policy 1986 after a two year course of studies beyond the Indian certificate of secondary Education (year - 10) examination or its equivalent. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for the examination.

Condition of Eligibility

1. Candidates who have passed ICSE examination with pass in five subjects including English and second language are eligile to be admitted in class 11th of ISC course.
2. Admission to class 11th other than students passing out from ICSE board will be decided by the secretary and the cheif executive of the council.
3. Such candidates must pass in English, Second language and three other written subjects at one and the same sitting.
4. Candidate is expected to hand over marksheet, transfer certificate and other relevant documents at the time of admission.
5. Students other than ICSE will be refered to council for eligibility to class 11th. Only after the due clearance from the council the admission will be regularized.
6. Students passing 10th standard compartmentally are not considered for admission to class 11th.
7. Candidates from CBSE who have passed class 10th by way of school exam are not considered for admission to class 11th.

Condition of Entry

1. In order to take the board exam of class 12th candidates are required to fulfill the attendance requirement of 75% during each year for the two year of course. The date of computing attendance is 15th of February.
2. Failed candidates will be permitted to re-appear for the examination once only. Regular attendance is required there after.
3. There is no age limit for candidates taking the ISC examination.

Withdrawal of Candidates

1. Candidates may be withdrawn at any time previous to the commencement of the examination.
2. Application for withdrawals will have to be submitted on special form.
3. If any of the regulations made for the conduct of the examination is disobeyed, the candidate or candidates concerned may be disqualified.

Choice of Subjects

Part - I External examination

Compulsory subject  : English
Elective subject  : School studies, Second language
                                :Economics, Commerce
                                :Accounts, Buisness studies
                                :Maths, Hindi
                                :Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Presently these are subjects offered by our school.

Part - II Internal examination

Socially useful productive work and community service(SUPW) is compulsory subject. This subject is assessed by school.
1. All candidates for pass certificate must enter and sit for English (compulsory) with three, four, or five elective subjects and must have been evaluated internally by the school in SUPW subject. It is a compulsory internal subject.
2. A candidate may not enter more than six subjects including the compulsory subject.
3. Pass certificate will be awarded to candidates who at one and the same examination attain the pass standard in four or more subjects which must include the subject English.
4. The pass marks for each subject is 40%.